Baby Boy Shoe Sizes

Baby boy shoe sizes vary depending on the country, the age of the baby and the manufacturer. The following sizes are for the US and UK. However, they are probably being used in other countries too.

US Sizes

Size 01-02 is for babies 0-6 months; 03-04 is for babies 6-12 months and 03-04 for 6-12 months babies. For 2-24 months, the right size is 5-6 and for 2 yrs/3 yrs it is 7-9.

UK Sizes

In the UK, the sizes are 0-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-8 and 9-10. They are for 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 6-12 months, 2-24 months and 2 yrs/3 yrs respectively.

Shoes for Newborns

They are known as crib shoes. They are good for baby boys and girls up to 6 months. Like most shoes for infants, they are made of soft material. Breathable and soft, they are often sold in different colors and styles. Size one is for feet measuring up to 3 9/16 inches. Baby boy shoe sizes 2 are for heel to toes 3 7/8 inches long.

Shoes for Babies up to 9 Months

This type of footwear is known as crawling shoes. They help baby boys who are starting to crawl. The soft soles provide support for babies who are learning to stand up. They provide protection for the feet. Usually, a size 3 is good for lengths of 4 1/4 inches.


All babies under one year of age should have their feet measured once a month. Their feet grow fast during this period. Taking regular measurements ensures you don’t end up buying shoes that are too small.

About Walking Shoes

These are for babies nine months up to three years old. They provide protection for feet which are starting to run, jump and climb. These shoes have to be durable and breathable. But make sure that they are not heavy. Babies one to years old should have their feet size taken every couple of months. For toddlers two years and older, the measurements should be done every three months.

Other Information

Most walking shoes have sizes from 2 to 8. But there are variations because manufacturers use various means to put shoes together. If you are going to buy on the web, pay attention to the sizing guidelines they use.

Many baby boy shoe sizes are applicable to baby girls as well. But remember that babies have different feet dimensions. Check their feet size before buying shoes.

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