Average Family Size in USA

The average family size in USA is 3.19. The average household size is 2.60. Based on the latest census, it is household sizes that is growing. This has been attributed to economics. More people are living together as the economic conditions continue to get tougher.

Number of Children in American Families

Based on recent surveys however, big families may be on the way back for a few. A 2004 report indicates that nearly 30% of women between 35 to 44 have or want at least three children. But this is more for affluent Americans. Among younger people, the norm is still two. Economics also plays a part as well. Homes where mothers hold a job tend to have more kids. This was the trend back in the late 1970s and has resurfaced today.

American Views on Large Families

As stated, the average family size in USA is influenced by many factors including the economy. Couples now prefer to have just two children or even one. The number of Americans who believe that one child is ideal has gone up. The figures have been going up steadily since the 2000s. Today less than a third of Americans want to have more than three or more kids.

Economic Issues

Continuing economic problems is the main reason why couples don’t want to have a lot of children. That is also the reason why the number of people living together (not just parents and children) is going up. This wasn’t always the case.

During the late 1930s, Americans preferred three children at least. The number jumped to almost 80% when World War II ended. That number stayed up until the late 1960s. The percentage started going down in the late 1970s.

Shared Views

The majority of American men and women agree on the average family size in USA. Opinions on number of children have remained the same across generations. In other words, older and younger generations now agree on the size. Surveys also show that those making $75,000 or less opt for smaller families. Interestingly enough, surveys show that Republicans prefer more children than Democrats.

To sum it up, the average family size in USA has been going down for economic reasons. Among rich people though, they want to have three children at least. However, these surveys do not represent the opinions of all American citizens. There are also those that prefer large families for other reasons. The choice still comes down to the couple.

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