Apple Wireless Keyboard Dimensions

Apple Wireless Keyboard dimensions are 12.8″ (H) x 7.3″ (W) x 1.4″ (D). As the name makes plain, this keyboard does not need cables. The compact design means it uses 25% less space than a regular keyboard.

The Keyboard up Close

The keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to work with Mac computers and the iPad. Its working distance is good for up to 30 feet. The small size means you have more room to move the mouse. One of the problems with regular sized keyboards is they take up too much space.

The enclosure is ultra-thin anodized aluminum. The keys are low profile so they can respond more effectively. This keyboard also has function keys. Using these keys, you can gain access to Mac features like Dashboard, Expose, rewind, fast forward, play/pause, eject, volume and screen brightness. Because the Apple Wireless Keyboard dimensions are so compact, it can be placed on your lap comfortably.

Other Features

The keyboard automatically powers down when it is not used. As soon as you begin typing, the unit turns back on. Thanks to this power management feature, you will be able to save as much as 9 months of battery life (this is based on average use). An on/off switch is included in case you have to stay away from your Mac for a while.

System Requirements

The keyboard requires two or three AAA batteries (depending on the version), existing mouse and keyboard for initial configuration and keyboard software update. The keyboard is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later. Your Mac computer must also have Bluetooth wireless technology.

Other Information

Although the keyboard is slim, it has a very solid feel thanks to its aluminum built. When used with the iPad, the device will automatically detect the keyboard. You can use it to access documents, email, web pages etc. Because you don’t have to use the keypad, you can use the entire screen to view these files.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard dimensions and design give it a bit of an angle. This makes it more comfortable to use. There is also a rubberized feel at the keyboard’s battery compartment. This is a nice feature that prevents the device from sliding around.

To set up the keyboard, just insert the batteries and turn the keyboard on. Turn your Bluetooth on. After pairing the device, enter the required four digit code. Hit the Return key and it will start running.

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