Wristband Dimensions

Made from different kinds of materials depending mainly on the intended purpose, a wristband is commonly worn on the wrist for the purpose of style. However, the term ‘wristband’ may also refer to other things such as the functional or decorative band worn on the wrist or the part of a sleeve covering the wrist. One of its highly popular types is the sweatband, which may also be used on the other parts of the arm. In addition to these things, there are other interesting things to find out about it including the standard wristband dimensions.

The Standard Dimensions of a Wristband

An adult-size wristband commonly measures 0.075 inch thick and 0.46 inch wide. The standard circumference of this object is close to 7.88 inches. However, some other types are either smaller or bigger than this size. Aside from this, there is also another type of wristband, which is often referred to as a sweatband. Compared to a standard size band, this one is thicker and offers a more perfect fit because of its elastic parts. Its basic purpose is to wipe the sweat off the forehead especially when involved in different kinds of sports activities.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

In some cases, wristbands may also come in the form of plastic loops. This type is commonly used for the purpose of identification. For instance, an individual may only enter a specific kind of event if that person has a designated band on the wrist. Without it, access to a particular venue or event is prohibited.

One of the most popular and widely used forms of wristband today is the silicone wristband. It started out sometime in the early parts of 2000s all the way until the middle parts of the decade. This is commonly used to show the support of the wearer to a particular charitable organization or cause. When used in this sense, its purpose is quite similar to that of awareness ribbons. In order to differentiate it from other types of wristbands, people usually call it an awareness bracelet.

Made from synthetic but high density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek wristbands are known for their strength. However, they are very easy to cut or break with the aid of sharp objects like a pair of scissors. Made from highly breathable materials, Tyvek wristbands allow water vapor to pass through them. These bands serve a variety of important purposes including in labels, car covers as well as medical packaging. Furthermore, they can also be used for mycology, water intrusion barriers and envelopes. To identify the patients confined in medical health facilities, hospital wristbands are usually worn on them.

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