Worlds Biggest Employers

This list of the world’s largest employers includes both the government and private business enterprises. The figures given below are approximates only. 
The Top 10
At number one is the People’s Liberation Army, China with 2.26 million members. At number two is the US retiling giant Wal-Mart. It currently has 2.10 million employees. At number three is the United Kingdom National Health Service. It has 1.56 million employees. Indian Railways is at number four with 1.41 million employees. At number five is the Indian Army with 1.13 million. 
Number six is Deutsche Post, Germany with 502,545 employees. The Siemens Group in Germany is seventh with 461,000 employees. The number eight slot belongs to McDonald's, United States with 447,000 employees. Number nine is Carrefour, France with 420,479 employees. The Compass Group of the UK has 410,074 employees and ranked ten. 
Number 11 to 14
Number 11 in the list of the world’s largest employers is the United States United Parcel Service with 407,000. Number 12 is the Gazprom (Russia) with 396,571 employees. DaimlerChrysler of Germany is at number 13 with 382,724 employees. The number 14 slot is for Hitachi. The Japanese company has 355,879 employees. 
Note: the number of employees is not indicative of the size of the company. The following is a list of the largest companies by revenue. The number of people they employ is also listed for comparison purposes. 
The Biggest Companies 
Wal-Mart is the largest company with a $408.214 billion revenue as of January 2010. As stated earlier, it has over 2 million employees. Exxon Mobil is at number two. The oil giant has 90,800 employees. In 208 it posted revenues of $301 billion. 
Royal Dutch Shell occupies the number three slot. It has 112,000 employees. In 2009, it posted revenues of $278.188 billion. Another oil company, BP, is at number four. BP postd $246.138 revenues in 2009. The company has 97,600 employees. 
Saudi Aramco is at the number five slot. The oil firm has 54,441 employees. It had revenues of $233 billion in 2008. Toyota Motors is at number six. 
The Japanese automotive company had revenues of $203.68 billion as of March 2010. It employs 316,121 individuals. Japan Post Holdings is at number seven. Its revenue for March 2010 is $200.995 billion. It has 3,251 employees. 
This list of the world’s largest employers can change anytime. The prevailing economic situation has forced some companies to lay off workers. Ever changing business conditions also mean the numbers can change. 

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