Standard Office Desk Size

If you are thinking of getting a new office desk to replace your existing one, you can simply take the measurements of your old desk and use these to find a replacement – unless you are thinking of getting an entirely new office desk complete with a different look or design.

One the other hand, if you are still in the planning stages of your office space and would want to install several desks, it would help to know some of the standard measurements for each one so you can choose according to the available spaces in your office.

Standard Office Desk Size

For the standard office desk, measurements for this are usually around sixty inches in length by twenty-nine inches in height by thirty inches in depth.

This size is enough to provide you with ample space to do your paperwork plus keep a few essentials on the desk such as a tabletop calendar, appointment book, telephone, desk file organizer or rack, pen holders and other small knick-knacks.

However, there are many other office desks available today and their dimensions vary depending on their design and purpose.

Office Desk Options

Among the most popular desks that you can typically find in offices are the L-shaped desks, the U-shaped desks, computer desks and credenzas.

It is important to take note of each type’s specific dimensions so you can allot the appropriate space that will accommodate them plus the persons who will be working behind these desks.

1. L-Shaped – This desk is what you would normally find in office cubicles or workstations as this can provide office workers with two different work areas in one desk: one for the computer and one for files, documents and office supplies.

Dimensions for this type of desk usually start at thirty-one inches in height, thirty inches in width and twenty-one inches in depth.

2. U-Shaped – This desk is also mostly found in cubicles and will best work for cubicles with a limited space. For this desk, usual measurements are around sixty-six inches wide by thirty inches deep by thirty-one inches high.

On the other hand, if you have a bigger workspace, there is also a U-shaped desk that will fit bigger spaces. This is about seventy-two inches wide by ninety-three inches deep by sixty-two inches high.

3. Computer Desk – If you need a separate desk for your computer, this type of desk usually measures around twenty-four inches wide by twenty-four inches deep by thirty inches high.

4. Credenza – Credenzas are often used as a second office table, usually for executive offices. These can measure about twenty inches in depth by sixty inches in length by twenty-nine inches in height.

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