Sizes of Shower Curtains

Upon entering the bathroom in your home, what your guests will most likely see first are your shower curtains. They are after all, almost as long as your bathroom door and with something of this size, it’s very hard to miss.

Shower curtains can be made from fabric or vinyl but the more popular type is one that is made from vinyl as this does not get soaked as easily as fabric. There are likewise various sizes of shower curtains.

The sizes are usually based on whether these will be used for a tub, tub with shower or a shower stall.

Sizes of Shower Curtains

For tubs and tubs with shower, sizes of shower curtains of this type are generally around 72 inches in length by 72 inches in width. These dimensions are approximately 183 centimeters long and 183 centimeters wide.

If you need a much wider shower curtain, you can also find sizes of shower curtains that are of the same standard length of 72 inches or 183 centimeters but with a width of 84 inches or approximately 213 centimeters wide.

For those with bigger bathrooms and bigger tubs, there are sizes of shower curtains that are even wider than the ones mentioned above. These are around 72 inches in length by 96 inches in width.

In centimeters, the width is roughly around 244 cm.

Shower Stall Shower Curtains

For shower stalls, you will find that the most common size is one that measures 54 inches in width by 78 inches in length. These dimensions are roughly around 137 centimeters wide by 198 centimeters long.

However, if you have a wider shower stall, you can also find widths that measure 72 inches or 183 centimeters.

Shower Curtain Designs

Other than considering the available sizes of shower curtains that you can readily find in the market, you should also consider the design of the shower curtain so you’ll have one that will complement the interiors of your bathroom.

There are shower curtains that are in solid colors and there are likewise design patterns that have colorful vertical lines or dots, flowers, leaves, under the sea themes plus various design prints specifically made for kids.

Kids’ shower curtains may come in popular character designs, animal prints, shapes, letters and even numbers.

Shower curtains do not only enhance the look of your bathroom, they also provide a protective shield between the shower and the rest of your bathroom to ensure that this will not get wet as you are taking a shower.

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