Size of Car Center Organizers

If you are always rushing off to work in the morning, chances are you just throw everything in your car and drive off in a hurry. Office papers, sunglasses, wallet, house keys and CDs are strewn all over the front seat as you speed off to work.

When you make a turn on the road or come to an abrupt halt, there’s a very big chance that all your stuff lying on the seat are going to fly all over the place and find themselves scattered on the car floor.

This is where car organizers come in – particularly car center organizers that will stay in place even as you turn or make a sudden stop.

Size of Car Center Organizers

The size of car center organizers may slightly vary from one brand to the next, coming in different dimensions based on the design of the manufacturer as well as the size of your vehicle.

For the most part however, sizes are generally categorized into two: those for small cars or sedans and those for large vehicles such as jeeps and SUVs.

Small Car Center Organizers

For the small cars, the size of car center organizers is typically around 13.5 inches in length by 9.8 inches in width by 7.8 inches in height.

There are likewise manufacturers that indicate their own size of car center organizers in centimeters where their standard dimensions are approximately 30 centimeters in length by 20 centimeters in width by 20 centimeters in height.

Large Car Center Organizers

For larger cars, the size of car center organizers that will perfectly fit your car is basically around 24 inches in length by 12.5 inches in width by 8.75 inches in height.

There are likewise bigger sizes for these. You can find car center organizers that also measure around 27.25 inches in length by 8.75 inches in height by 12.5 inches in width; as well as 29 inches long by 9 inches in height by 14 inches in width.

Document Car Center Organizers

There are brands that make car center organizers with special sections for holding important documents.

These can hold standard-sized office folders which means that your folders and files won’t get creased or crumpled as you try to squeeze these into your organizer.

The size of car center organizers that are perfect for holding files and folders is about 25 inches in length by 17 inches in width by 10.5 inches in height.

Some of these file organizers have a pull-out “desk” that you can write on even while you’re in the car – making it easier for you to jot down notes while stuck in traffic or make a list of things to do for the day.

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