Optical Fiber Cable Dimensions

The optical fiber cable is used for numerous electrical components. As the following products will show, the features of these cables are varied, and will depend on the way the manufacturer designed the cable.

Optical Fiber Cable Dimensions: Eforcity Cable

The Eforcity cable is 12 feet long. This black molded cable can be used for Dolby Digital DTS Surround, Pro Audio cards, CDs, MiniDisk players and recorders and D/A converters. This premium cable has metal connectors that keep vibrations to a minimum.

The cable design eliminates ground loop interference, Emi or Rfi. The cable has gold plated ferrule; this makes the cable invulnerable to corrosion and shields the fiber tip. The cable can also be used for Divx players, digital signal processor, and various gaming consoles.

The jacket is 5.0 mm so the cable is protected from any damage. There are molded strain reliefs to prevent stress at the point where the connectors and cable join up.

Optical Fiber Cable Dimensions: Eforcity TosLink Cable

The Eforcity cable is 6 ft long. It is designed to provide the best possible signal even if set at very high levels. The cable relays signals by way of light. This does away with the need for Emi or Rfi. The cable comes with a 5 mm jacket. This feature will keep the cable secure.

At the same time, the gold plated ferrule ensures the cable will not be subject to corrosion. The Eforcity cable may be used with DAT, DVD, Mini Disc, CD and other audio devices. The cable may also be used for digital signal processors, Dolby Digital receivers, Divx players, Sony Playstation 2, DSS receivers, and more.

Optical Fiber Cable Dimensions: Monster ULT

The Monster ULT measures 48 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs 5 ounces. The cable goes beyond the THX certification requirements for system reliability and installation. The cable comes with a molded grip to make cable handling easier to do.

There is also a spring loaded connector so the fiber remains in place. This allows for optimum data transmission. This cable is designed for use in home theaters. A high grade index optical fiber is used. There is also Isotec vibration included in the cable.

Optical Fiber Cable Dimensions: DVI Gear Cable

The DVI Gear Audio TosLink cable is 6 ft long. The unit is compatible with DTS, ADAT, Dolby Digital and DAW devices that use the TosLink interface. This cable is best suited for people who like to have the cables set up quickly and easily.

This is also the cable to use if your system does not get the audio feed into the HDMI. The unit is especially made for use on surround sound systems. The connections are tight so the linkup to the electronic component is tight.

The optical fiber cable dimensions and specs are quite diverseassorted. Before you buy a cable, you must be aware of the various types being sold. In particular pay close attention to the electronic devices the cable supports. This will ensure you will get the right device.

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