Netbook Dimensions

With names like Intel, Linux, Dell, Acer, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Netbookand other big names behind netbooks, one would feel more than happy to buy one. However, you may call it as your conscience or your inner voice calling, you sometimes get a nudge in there that tells you to wait a minute and check your options a second time. Some people have been prompted to ask if they really need a netbook or not. The netbook dimensions are one of the key drivers either to make people buy them or not.

Checking Out the Netbook Dimensions

The netbook hype is in given the advertising you get and the big names producing them. However, there those who as if netbooks can play a unique role that is better than any other portable device we already have. Is its intriguing size an advantage or a liability to its usability and performance? Let’s look into the average dimensions of most netbooks today.

Today’s netbooks are no bigger than a standard A4 size paper and about an inch thin to note. Netbook dimensions average around 10" x 7" x 1.05". The size of netbooks is the first eye catcher for many and often times triggers consumer curiosity. They are interestingly lightweight, weighing anywhere between 1.5 pounds to only three pounds max. Well, the choice on weight is yours depending on how much battery life you want. These devices can come with six-cell, four-cell, or even a three-cell battery.

Screen Size Screen Size

The netbook dimensions basically zero in on its screen size as a major factor for many consumers. There are those who find the size of the screen workable. On the other hand, others get a major headache squinting their eyes on a netbook’s screen for more than half an hour.

The average screen size of netbooks range from eight to 12 inches. If you care to ask why, the answer is simple. Netbook manufacturers made an agreement with Microsoft to keep screen sizes within this range in exchange for keeping Windows XP available to these products. They usually ship with Windows XP, Linux, and also Windows 7.

Touch Typists Look Out

Given the average netbook dimensions, touch typists will have to struggle with room for both hands. The keyboard on these devices is only about three quarters the size of a regular keyboard, which is not really much room for both your hands to do their thing. Of course, you do have the option to plug in a portable USB keyboard if you wish.

A Tool for Road Warriors

The size and weight, not to mention the cheap price, of netbooks make them perfect for those who are usually on the road who don’t have as much software needs. If all you need is a device for browsing, checking your email, do simple word processing then the netbook dimensions and specs are just right. Anything more demanding will require something bigger.

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