Melon Sizes

If you would like to grow your favorite melon at home so you Meloncan enjoy them without spending more, one of the things you should learn about is the different melon sizes and types, and a little info about them.

Some of the Melon Varieties

One: The Cantaloupe

This variety is said to grow to about fifteen (15) to twenty five (25) centimeters long. In appearance, they would appear in a somewhat oblong-shaped fruit.

To grow this, you may have to use a soil that is well-aerated and sandy. You may also have to remember to keep it watered frequently to avoid the growth of weeds.

When sold, they are typically placed in boxes or bins. For the boxes, these would have sizes of around 9’, 12’, 15’, or 18’. For the bins, these are mostly packaged in 120’s, 140’s, and 300’s.

Two: The Casaba

Casaba melons are best served raw in fruit salads. These are classified, as a particular hybrid Muskmelon variety, and included in the Cucumis family like the cucumbers.

This is considered as winter melons. That is why if you grow this type, you may enjoy your produce during the winter months when the flavor is sweeter.

When this fully ripens, this would have a weight in the range of about four (4) to eight (8) pounds.

Three: The Crenshaw

Basically, the Crenshaw would be around 6 pounds. Others would have melon sizes as large as around five to nine pounds. This is one of the favorite varieties since the Crenshaw is deliciously succulent, spicy, and fragrant. Peak seasons would be around the months of August to September.

Four: The Honeydew

The honeydew melon is usually grown in California. But this slightly oval fruit may also be found growing abundantly in some areas in the Southwest area.

To know if they are ripe enough for picking, you may have to check to see if there are some wrinkling that would appear on its surface. You can do this easily not by sight but by touch. Just run your fingers on its skin to see if there are wrinkles. Another thing to remember is to pick the ones that are very heavy because these are already ripe.

The weight range of the honeydew variety is around four (4) to eight (8) pounds. They are usually available throughout the year. Peak season would be around the months of July up to September.

Taking note of essential factors like the melon sizes, peak seasons, and others is very important in learning how to grow these at home.

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