Ideal Barrier Wall Height

The ideal barrier wall height depends on what you intend to use it for. If you want to keep intruders away, make the wall as high as possible. If building a pool fence, it should be at least 48 inches high. For gravity retaining walls, 3 to 4 feet high is enough. 
Tips on Building Wall Barriers
If you are going to make a wall barrier, consult the homeowners association. They may have regulations with regards to the height, width material to use, etc. You should also check the zoning laws. Make sure that you build the wall only on your property. 
If you can choose the materials, you have several options. The best choices are bricks, stones and concrete. The first step is to determine the ideal barrier wall height. Again, this will hinge on the wall’s purpose and regulations in your area.
Laying the Foundation 
Your wall must be set on a solid foundation. The wall base has to be concrete. If necessary, dig the area and fill it up with concrete. Wait for the concrete to dry before proceeding. If you are making a brick retaining wall, a drainage system must also be installed. Once the foundation has been set up, you can start putting the building blocks in place. 
Stack the blocks in an overlapping manner. This will increase the strength of the wall. You should put a marker so you don’t exceed the length of the wall. As you put the wall together, ensure that the walls are straight and in place. A level can assist you in keeping the wall straight. 
How Much Material is Needed? 
This will depend on the dimensions of the wall. Note down the height and length of the wall. Determine what material you want to use to build the structure. 
Now go to the supply store. Show them the wall dimensions. They should be able to furnish you with the amount required. It’s good practice to purchase 10% or 15% more than the materials needed. In case you make a mistake, you’ll have backup material. 

Safety Tips 

A scaffold or ladder will be necessary if the wall is high. Have someone assist or look over you as you go up. Always wear gloves to protect your hands from blisters. If you need to mix concrete, follow the directions closely. 
In other words, the ideal barrier wall height will depend on the builder’s objectives. It’s important therefore, to plan ahead. 

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