How Big is Broadway?

Broadway is almost equivalent to New York City. When you talk about the state, you will definitely have to mention the long avenue that crosses over many streets and runs through the full length of Manhattan’s borough up almost where the Canadian border is located.

How big is Broadway? Well, the right question would be ‘how long is Broadway?’ Oh boy, it is pretty long. In Manhattan or the Inwood neighborhood, Broadway runs along about 13 miles. But all in all, from West Manhattan to Champlain, it is about 400 miles or more in length.

Broadway Theaters and Other Attractions

One of the first things that would come to mind when you talk about Broadway is not really its length or size but the number of theaters that host memorable musicals every so often. The famous stretch is very accessible from Times Square. It is also called the Great White Way and the Theater District. Actors, actresses, and spectators seek this stretch as a hub to enjoy large-scale plays at their best.

Canyon of Heroes is another important landmark. It is where the ticker-tape parades are held. The route that the parade takes is the Financial District of the city, which features tall buildings. From those office buildings, shredded paper products will come to shower the participants of the parades. Mostly, the parades held along the route of the Canyon of Heroes are for sporting championships.

Aside from Times Square and Canyon of Heroes, there are other prominent structures that can be found as you trace along Broadway. There’s Greenwich Village, Flatiron Building, Macy’s Department Store, New Amsterdam Theatre, Central Park, Time Warner Center, Lincoln Center, Manhattan New York Temple, and The Ansonia among many others. Truly, traversing through this prominent avenue would take you to some of America’s and the world’s most famous sights.

Centuries Ago

Originally, Broadway is known as the Wickquasgeck Trail. It was carved by Manhattan’s Native American dwellers. While there were no buildings from centuries ago, the trail traces through swamps and rocks. When the Dutch explorers came, the trail was converted into the main road. Many parts of the road were named differently since it was constructed in the 1600s. There’s a part called Great George Street; there’s a part known as The Bloomingdale Road; and there’s a part named The Boulevard. On late 1800s, however, the name Broadway was used to address the whole length of the road. At that time, the famous avenue’s commercial district is already run by electrical lines, telephones, and telegraphs.

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