How Big is a Motion Sensor Light?

A motion sensor light basically works by turning the lights on when the sensor detects any type of presence within the perimeters of the area it covers.

There are two basic reasons why people use this type of lighting device: first, it helps save on energy as the light automatically shuts off when it does not sense any presence in the room or within its perimeters; and second, it provides additional security for homes.

When someone gets too close to your home, the light automatically turns on, illuminating the stranger and thereby enabling homeowners to see who is lurking by the gate or the yard.

How Big is a Motion Sensor Light?

When considering sizes for your motion sensor light, you will have to take into account where you will be installing the device.

Indoor motion sensor lights are generally smaller than their outdoor counterparts because indoor spaces are relatively smaller than your home’s outdoor area.

Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

There are several sizes for this device that are suitable for any room in the house. If you need a considerably small motion sensor light, you can find one that is only around 3 inches in height by 3 inches in width by about 1 and three-eighths in depth.

If you wish to have a slightly bigger light, you can also find one that is approximately 4.5 inches in length by 3 inches in width by 8.4 inches in height.

Finally, you can also find an indoor lighting device of this type that measures around 4.75 inches in length by 4.75 inches in width by 2 inches in height.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

An outdoor motion sensor light need not only be of the right brightness so it can illuminate a wider coverage area but it also needs to be weather-proof so you can be certain that it won’t suddenly break down or get rusty when it comes into contact with rain, sleet or snow.

For this type of lighting fixture that is suitable for the exteriors of your home, you have several sizes to choose from.

This may come in measurements of about 4.5 inches in length by 3.75 inches in width by 6.75 inches in height.

Bigger sizes for added security come in dimensions of 10.75 inches in height by 5.12 inches in length by 8.5 inches in width. If this size is too big for you, you can also find one that is slightly smaller: 5 inches in length by 8.75 inches in width by 8 inches in height.

There are likewise decorative lamp-style motion sensor lights for outdoor use and each piece measures around 11.13 inches high by 6.75 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.

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