How Big is a 3 Month Old Kitten

Telling the age of a kitten can be quite difficult particularly if you didn’t witness the kitten being born or you weren’t aware of the exact date and time when it was born.
However, veterinarians have laid down a few guidelines on how to tell the approximate age of kitten, with one determining the age through the kitten’s size or weight.
How Big is a 3-Month Old Kitten?
As a rule of thumb, kittens generally gain one pound per month until they reach their 8th or 10th month. So basically what this means is that a three-month old kitten would have an approximate weight of three pounds.
Now, this is only the average weight of a kitten three months of age. The weight could be lower or higher depending on the eating habits of the kitten. 
Other Age Determining Factors
Aside from the kitten’s weight, you can basically tell the approximate age of your kitten through its teeth. Again, as a rule of thumb, kittens begin to lose their baby teeth and start growing their permanent teeth between the ages of three and one-half months up to about six months.
A kitten that is about three and one-half months of age will have its permanent incisors in place. 
If the kitten is only a few days old, you can tell that it is less than ten days old if it still hasn’t opened its eyes, yet. Now if you suspect that your kitten is only a few weeks old, try calling out to your new kitten. 
If it responds to you, you can tell that it is about two weeks old or more because newborn kittens’ ears start functioning at two weeks of age.
Converting Cat Age to Human Age
Most people have the mistaken notion that to tell the age of a cat, you simply add seven years to the age of the cat. During the first months and years of a cat’s life, you have to actually add more than seven years to their age to get their corresponding human age.
For instance, a three-month old kitten is about the same age as that of a four-year-old toddler. By the time it reaches its 6th month, the kitten will be about the age of a ten-year-old child. 
When your kitten has reached its first birthday, it will be about the age of an eighteen-year-old young adult person. If your cat lives up to sixteen years of age, it will be about the age of an eighty-four-year-old person!

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