How Big is a 1 Carat Diamond

A one-carat diamond is considered by most as the biggest diamond suitable for an engagement ring; anything more is already deemed as too big and too extravagant.
However, the carat; size and price range for a diamond engagement ring are a personal choice and one that should be considered first and foremost with the beloved who will be receiving the ring in mind.
For a one-carat diamond ring, you may refer to the following list for some of the more popular cuts and their corresponding sizes.
How Big is a 1-Carat Diamond?
Based on their specific cuts, one-carat diamonds can come in the following dimensions:
Round Brilliant Diamond Cut
A one-carat Round Brilliant diamond measures approximately 6.5 millimeters in width which is approximately 0.2559 inches. This is actually one of the most, if not the most, popular cuts for a diamond engagement ring.
Princess Diamond Cut
A Princess Cut diamond with one carat weight is approximately 5.5 by 5.5 millimeters in length and width. This is a square-shaped diamond cut considered as the second most popular cut for engagement rings.
In inches, this diamond is approximately 0.2165 by 0.2165.
Emerald Diamond Cut
Now if you’re looking for a one-carat Emerald Cut diamond, the stone on your preferred engagement ring will measure about 7 by 5 millimeters or approximately 0.2756 by 0.1969 in inches.
Pear Diamond Cut
A Pear Cut diamond is similar in appearance to a teardrop and one carat of this shape will have approximate dimensions of 8 by 5.5 millimeters. This is around 0.3150 by 0.2165 inches.
Oval Diamond Cut
An oval-shaped one-carat diamond will give you measurements of about 7.5 by 5.5 millimeters or 0.2952 by 0.2165 inches thereabouts.
Heart-Shaped Diamond Cut
For a one-carat heart-shaped diamond, you can have approximate dimensions of around 6.5 by 6.5 millimeters. This size is equivalent to 0.2559 by 0.2559 in inches. 
Trillion Diamond Cut
For this diamond cut, dimensions are the same with that of the heart-shaped cut which are 6.5 millimeters in length and 6.5 millimeters in width. Again, this size is equivalent to 0.2559 in inches for both the length and the width.
Marquise Diamond Cut
This is an eye-shaped diamond cut which is why you will find this longer than it is wider. One carat of this cut is approximately 10 by 4.75 millimeters. In inches, these dimensions would be about 0.3937 by 0.1870.
Radiant Diamond Cut
Another diamond cut that you may want to consider is the Radiant Cut. One carat of this one will measure approximately 7 by 5 millimeters. This size is equivalent to 0.2756 by 0.1969 inches. 

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