Biggest Pig

The pig is one of the more interesting farm animals. It is considered as the ‘other white meat’, a lighter color of pink is due to the fact that pigs do not move as much as cattle do. Pigs can also be huge. There was a 900-kilogram pig found in China. Unfortunately, it failed to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records before it died. That is the biggest pig ever found in history. It was only five years old when it died. The owner said he made sure the pig has a good built, feeding it a high quality of food every time.

Delectable Pork Recipes

As much as facts about pigs are interesting, people have also grown excited regarding ways of cooking the meat and translate it into a delectable piece of dish.

There are different ways of cooking pork. There are many recipes you can develop from this kind of meat. The cooking time and cooking method depends in knowing what cut you are dealing with.

The most common cut that consumers usually take is the loin. That is the most tender part and that is where delicious cuts like the ribs, the chops, and the bacon come from.

Pork loin is best for a number of stew, soup, grill, and roast recipes. But don’t underestimate the other cuts as they can also be translated into many tasty meals. The secret is in the way that the meat is cooked. Like other meats, pork can be cooked for a longer period of time, slow-cooking style or for a short period of time at high heat.

Cooking time depends not just on the cut of meat, not just on the style of cooking, but also on the thickness of the slice. Super thin pork tenderloin can be stir-fried in a few seconds to get a flavorful, tender result. Thinly sliced pork chops can be cooked in about five to seven minutes over dry heat. A thicker variety, about an inch and a half thick, must be cooked for hours. Pork roasts usually sits for hours before you can get the desired result.

Pork, like chicken, is a very versatile meat. It has very mild flavor so it is quite easy to mix in with every kind of ingredients. It depends on your cravings and the availability of ingredients in your pantry to decide what kind of recipe to develop with your pork meat. Just make sure that you are always dealing with a fresh meat: evenly pink in color, with very little fat on the edge, and smelling sweet.

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