Basketball Court Dimensions

Without a doubt, basketball is one of the highly beloved sports all over the world. The amazing plays, exciting rules and interesting facets of this game make it endearing to millions of individuals. Furthermore, the popularity of this game is boosted by constant television exposure, thanks to the global success of international sports groups such as the NBA or National Basketball Association as well as the FIBA or International Basketball Federation. For those who wish to familiarize themselves more about the game, it is good to learn the various basketball court dimensions.

FIBA Basketball Court Dimensions

The dimensions of a basketball court are different under the rules of FIBA, which basically stands for Federation Internationale de Basketball. When it comes to the distance of the 3-point line, the sides are 20.5 feet away from the middle of the basket. On the other hand, the upper parts of the three-point arc are set at 22.15 feet. FIBA is an amateur league, which makes it different from professional leagues such as the NBA. The width of the playing court is 49.21 feet while the length is measured at 91.86 feet.

For those who wish to know the width of the restricted area, it is measured at 11.81 feet towards the free-throw line. In addition, the width of the restricted area is 19.69 feet towards the end line. If you are to measure the distance between the free-throw line and the backboard, you will find it at 15.09 feet. Although they are different in so many aspects, FIBA and NBA still share common features including the height of the rim, which is 10 feet, as well as diameter of the restraining circle, which is 4 feet.

NBA Basketball Court Dimensions

As an independent basketball organization, the NBA has its very own basketball court dimensions. In terms of length, the court is set at 94 feet. When it comes to width, it is supposed to have a measurement of 50 feet. The restraining circle’s diameter is 4 feet. The center circle’s diameter is 12 feet. Based on records, the rim’s height is 10 feet.

From the sides, the 3-point line’s distance away from the central part of the basket is set at 22 feet. From the upper and middle parts of the 3-point arc, the center of the basket is 23.75 feet away. When it comes to the shaded lane, the width towards the free-throw line as well as the end line is set at 16 feet. From the backboard, the free-throw line’s distance is precisely 15 feet.

Additional Details and Other Interesting Information

The game of basketball in played in varying skill levels. It is important to remember that the different organizations involved in the game follow certain rules as well basketball court dimensions. In addition to FIBA and the NBA, there are other notable organizations like WNBA or the Women’s National Basketball Association, U.S. Junior High School as well as the NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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