Average Movie Poster Size

The average movie poster size is 25″ x 38” (W x L). A growing number are now using the one sheet size measuring 27 in by 40 in (686 x 1020 mm). Both sizes are in the portrait format. The 40 inch by 60 inch (1016 mm x 1524 mm) is also used.

Other Film Poster Dimensions

Another one sheet size used is the 27 in by 41 in (686 x 1040 mm). This portrait size is an inch bigger than the standard. The half-sheet or display measures 22 in by 28 in (559 x 711 mm). The half-sheet is in landscape format. The insert measures 14 in by 36 in (356 x 914 mm) while the window card is 14 in by 22 in (356 x 559 mm). The window card and insert, like the average movie poster size, are in portrait format.

The window card has a blank area at the top. This is often used for promotional messages. The two sheet has dimensions of 41 in by 54 in (1040 x 1370 mm). It can be portrait or landscape. The three sheet size is 41 in by 81 in (1040 x 2060 mm). This is in portrait format but made up of two parts joined together.

The 24 sheet measures 246 in by 108 in (6250 x 2740 mm); it is a landscape format sometimes known as billboard. The six sheet has dimensions of 81 in by 81 in (2060 x 2060 mm). It is known for its square shape. Other sizes are 40 in by 60 in (1016 x1524 mm) and 30 x 40 and 30 in by 40 in (762 x 1016 mm).

Film Posters Dimensions in the UK

One of the most commonly used is the 30 inches by 40 inches (762 x 1020 mm) quad. Another is the double crown measuring 20 inches by 30 inches (508 x 762 mm). While the quad is landscape, the double crown is in portrait format. The one sheet is also used there as is the three sheet.

These movie poster specifications are also used in many other countries. One of the more popular movie poster dimensions in Australia is the 13 x 30 inch daybill. This is equal to 330 x 762 mm / 13 inches by 30 inches.

In the US, the average movie poster size is the same as “film” poster. The term “film” is not widely used, but they mean the same thing.

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