Average Lot Size in USA

The median average lot size in USA is 8,750 square feet. The dimensions of the average home in America are 2,330 square feet. Lot dimensions have actually gone done from 10,125 square feet in 1976. What is increasing is the demand for larger houses.

Historical Perspective

The earliest homes and lots in the US were small. Most of them were around 450 square feet. By the 1800s however, floors were being added to homes and lot space increased. More than a few homes measuring between 2200 and 2800 square feet started appearing. These houses were remodeled from the smaller, older houses. This is equivalent to the dimensions of some suburban American homes.

The 20th Century

The average lot size in USA began increasing during the 20th century. Homes during the 20th century’s early years were 600 to 800 square feet. The typical home in the US during those early years measured 700 x 1200 sq ft.

During the 1950s the number grew to 1000 square feet. It reached an average size of 2000 square feet by the 2000s. An increase in the house dimensions have led to higher costs. During the 1900s, homes were pegged at $5,000. By the 2000s the cost was $200,000.

Lot Dimensions Going Down

The trend of decreasing lot dimensions is continuing. Most lots in America measured 14,680 square feet during the 1990s. The number fell to 12,870 sq ft eight years later. According to statistics, the average US home has two baths, three bedrooms and a two car garage.

Buying a House and Lot

Size isn’t the only thing that matters. Check the sewer and water connections. If they are not satisfactory, you’ll have to install a septic system. Keep in mind too that some areas don’t allow well digging. Also check the phone and electrical service in the area. Equally important is accessibility. Is there a public road? You should also read the land title agreement.

Make sure you understand the restrictions (if any) are in place. This is very important especially with lots still being developed. Get in touch with the local authorities. Ask them about zoning laws and if any changes are forthcoming. You should also check for the existence of any environmental threats or hazards.

The prognosis is the average lot size in USA will decrease further. The size of homes is likely to go up. However, the demands for large homes will also be dictated by the economic situation.

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