ANSI Keyway Dimensions

The following ANSI keyway dimensions are for arbors and milling cutters. All the measurements provided are in inches.

Size Guide

If the keyseat cutter hole diameter is 1/2 the nominal square key is 3/32. If the hole diameter is 5/8, the square key is 1/8. The square keys for holes 7/8, 1 and 11/4 are 1/8, 1/4 and 5/16 respectively. For hole diameters 11/2, 13/4 and 2, the square keys are 3/8, 7/16 and 1/2. For 21/2, 3 and 31/2 hole diameters, the square keys are 5/8, 3/4 and 7/8. The square keys for 4, 41/2 and 5 hole diameters are 1, 11/8 and 11/4.

The Key in Mechanical Engineering

It is a machine component used for linking a rotating device element with a shaft. Using the connection, the key stops the relative spin between the two components. This allows torque transmission. Various ANSI keyway dimensions may be used here.

In mechanical engineering language, a keyway is also known as a keyseat. It is a pocket or slot where the key is set. Keyed joint is the term used for the whole system. This system permits axial movement among the components. Parts which are usually keyed include couplings, pulleys and gears.

What is Keyseating?

It is slot creation in mating items. This may be done in various machines. Among them are a chisel and file, horizontal or vertical mill, a broacher or a vertical slotting machine. The keyseater is an apparatus used for dissecting keyways. They are not that different from vertical shapers.

The only difference is the keyseater cutting utility goes in the workpiece below and slices at downstroke. By contrast a shaper goes into a workpiece at the top. A keyseater comes with its own guiding system on top of the workpiece. This is for cutting tolerance purposes.

The Procedure

The process commences when the workpiece is fixed on the table via a fixture. Once the workpiece is set, the reciprocating arm is commenced. Some units come with a stationary table for horizontal feeding. In other cases the table can be moved, so the workpiece is fed to the cutter. Aside from ANSI keyway dimensions, these machines may also make blind slots.

Woodruff keyways and tapered variants are created on milling devices. Slotting cutters are utilized for parallel keyseats. The Woodruff is for Woddruff keyseats. Keyseats can be milled if there is a suitable radius. This is done for keyseats that are not too long.

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