Worlds Biggest House Cat

The world’s biggest house cat is Himmy of Queensland, Australia. The cat weighed 20.87 kilograms. This is equal to 36 lbs. The cat’s length was measured at 96.52 centimeters or 38 inches. Himmy’s neck is 38.1 centimeters or 15 inches. Its waistline has been measured at 83.82 centimeters or 33 inches.

Other Fat Cats

There are other cats battling for the title. A cat named Leo has been recorded as weighing 36 lbs and being 48 inches long. A Russian cat named Katy has been put forward as another contender. The cat weighs 20 kilograms or 44 lbs.

Biggest Cat Breeds

When it comes to breed, the Maine Coon would be the world’s biggest house cat. On average, the cat weighs 25 lbs or 11 kg. The average Maine Coon cat is 9.06 to 9.84 inches or 23 to 25 centimeters tall. The cat’s average length is 11.8 inches.

Another large breed is the Savannah Cat. On the average the cat weighs 20 lbs. The Savannah is a mixture of the Wild African Serval and a house cat. It is noted for its striped or spotted coat. The Rag Doll is about the same size. It is distinguished by its fluffy tail and long lair.

An unusual trait of the cat is it doesn’t like to jump. The Ragmuffin looks a lot like the Rag Doll. What sets it apart is its short coat. The American Bobtail weighs 18 lbs. Although large, it is quite friendly. Another large breed is the 20 lb Chausie.

Other Facts About Cats

Its scientific name is Felis catus. The cat is related to the big wildcats like the tiger and lion. However, the Felis catus refers only to the house or domestic cat. It is one of the most popular pets in the world today.

Aside from killing pests in the house, the animal is known for its keen senses. Cats also have night vision capability. Their eyes have tapetum licudm, which enhances their vision.

However, the cat’s color vision is limited. It can only see two colors; green and blue. The cat’s hearing is also sharp. Their hearing frequency is superior to dogs. Its lifespan is 14 to 20 years.

There are many others that can vie for the title of the world’s biggest house cat. However, the Guinness Book of Records has stopped accepting entries for this category. This is to prevent people from overfeeding their cats.

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