What is the Size of a Suite?


A suite refers to a room in a hotel. There are many types of suites, including Presidential suites and Executive suites. Many of the luxury suites in hotels have multiple rooms. The sizes usually range from 500 sq ft to over 1,000 sq ft. 

The following guest suites from the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans should give you an idea of the dimensions of these rooms. Its author suites are named after southern writers. 

FJ Monteleone Suite 

The parlor measures 22′ 4″ x 22′ 7″ – 551 sq ft. The suite dimensions mean it can hold up to 70 individuals. The suite has two bedrooms, one with a king sized bed. The other has a couple of double beds. 

The parlor provides the guest with a vista of the Mississippi River. The room has a wet bar, plasma TV and a sofa bed. A fax machine and office setup is also provided for. The marble bathroom has a glass shower and garden tub. Other amenities include high-speed Internet, portable phone, music players and other amenities. 

Tennessee Williams Suite 

The parlor dimensions are 20′ 5″ x 29′ 6″ – 602 sq. ft. The suite dimensions allow for 35 to 40 people to stay in the room. The room can be set up as a one or two bedroom. The suite has a king sized bed and a sofa bed. The parlor also has sleeping room and other features. 

Other Suites in the Hotel Monteleone 

The Eudora Welty parlor measures 22′ 4″ x 24′ 6″ – 548 sq ft and can accommodate up to 70 people. The Truman Capote parlor dimensions are 17′7″ x 24″ 8″ – 434 sq. ft. It can accommodate 25 to 30 people. The room has a king sized bed. 

The William Faulkner parlor is 15 x 15′6″ – 232.5 sq. ft. The suite dimensions can hold 10 to 15 people. The room has an ice maker, wet bar, refrigerator and a king sized bed. 

The Ernest Hemingway suite has a parlor measuring 16′ x 19′ 304 sq ft., good for 10 to 15 people. The suite offers a view of the French Quarter. It is close to the hotel fitness center and rooftop. Aside from the king sized bed, there are optional guest room facilities. 

The Rearview Suite is 560 sq. ft with a parlor measuring 15′4″ x 15′5 – 241 sq. ft. The parlor has a view of the Mississippi River. The Vieux Carre Suite is 500 sq. ft. The parlor measures 13′ x 15′ – 211 sq. ft. 

The suite can have a view of the Mississippi River or the French Quarter. The suite has a king sized bed, half bath and desk. The Executive Suites measure 540 sq. ft. The parlor dimensions are 13′5″ x 15′. 

It has a small king sized bed and a sofa bed. It has a granite and marble bathroom. The suite has Internet access, minibar, CD players and various other amenities. 

The suite dimensions for other hotel rooms will vary. The larger the suite is, the more amenities and facilities that will be provided for. 

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