What is the Size of a Deer Stand?

There are many deer stand sizes to choose from. It all depends on your preference. Some like dimensions of 6 x 6 ft with 5 ft. 6 in inside height. Whether you use these dimensions or not, the following steps to make your own stand can be used.

Preliminary Steps

First you need to determine the dimensions of the stand. The figures given above should be sufficient. Next, get quality lumber. Ensure that the lumber is treated so it can withstand changing weather conditions.

Building the Floor, Roof and Walls

Next you have to make the floor. You will need some 2 x 4 frames. The floor has to be half an inch thick at least. The base has to be square. When you make the walls, you need to apply framing. 2 x 4s are also needed for the cross bracing and uprights.

If you are using plywood, make them 1/2 an inch thick. After the walls are braced, connect the roof to the upper joist. The half-inch plywood has to be used here too. If you can make the roof slant, do it.

Windows and Doors

Next you add the windows. The dimensions will depend on the deer stand sizes you choose. The windows and door can be built with a jigsaw. Slice three of the sides and put the hinges on the cut part. This is the section that is going to be hinged. This aids in keeping the swinging parts aligned.

Next, cut the fourth side. The windows and doors ought to swing correctly. The final step is to put on some closing devices or hooks on the windows and doors. Use 1 x 2 boards to give it bracing support. Set these around every window and door edge. This will prevent warping.


Add some scrap carpeting on the floor. This is going to reduce the noise. You can put some screws inside to hang your hats, coats and weapons. You can also paint the shelter. Choose a color that matches the surrounding.

The best options are khaki and forest green. For best results, paint the unit with a roller. If painting camouflage, avoid making patterns. Make it look irregular. Wait for the paint to dry and you are finished.

The deer stand sizes you choose plays a huge role in determining how well you can hunt. If you make it big enough, you don’t have to worry about making loud noises when you make the move.

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