What is the Biggest Cat Breed?

Cats make lovable pets. In fact, they share a large number of people around the world whoBiggest Cat Breed keep them as domestic partners. Next to dogs, cats have a huge fan base of interested individuals who are dying to know more about them and want to own the best breed there is. One question most cat lovers would want to ask is: what is the biggest cat breed? Well, we know the answer!

The biggest cat breed is the Savannah.

Standing Tall

The Savannah is a domesticated cat that is considered in the hybrid family. The breed originated from a Serval and a Siamese. The first of its kind was born on April of 1986. Since the Savannah was first introduced, it has sparked the interest of many cat enthusiasts from around the world. That’s when the breed earned an international popularity.

The Savannah is a tall but slim breed of cat. Its size can be from large to humongous depending on the sex and the generation it belongs. The F1 male Savannahs are known to be the largest. They can weigh up to 30 pounds. In October 2009, the tallest Savannah cat was recognized by the “Guinness Book of World Records”. It is owned by the Draper couple, Lee and Kimberly. It is an F1 hybrid Savannah cat called ‘Scarlett’s Magic’.

Big Love

Aside from being recognized as the largest cat breed there in existence, Savannahs are also known for their pleasant personality. They are very close to dogs in terms of their loyalty. Although they are far from looking like dogs, they can be easily tagged as your best domestic partner, your best friend. They are sociable, behave well around other pets, very loving, and are always prepared to provide company to their owners.

The Savannahs make for a wonderful pet. They are outgoing and inquisitive. They are exotic and aggressive. On top of everything, they are also considered very intelligent. Wait, there’s another uncanny ability associated with Savannahs: they jump high. They can lift themselves up to eight feet high.

The Savannah has gained a huge following in the show ring as well. Through the years, it has shown pure grace that is a joy to watch. To date, there are 60 registered breeders of Savannah. That goes to show that the demand for this cat breed is increasing by the day.

True enough, the Savannah is a great big cat that you would not mind having around your house.

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