Standard Window Sizes

If you are looking for standard window sizes, you may have a hard time deciding which of the dimensions you’ve seen so far are the “standard” sizes. This is because there is not one particular standard dimension upon which you can base your window sizes.

There are however, standard sizes based on the manufacturer’s specific windows. This being said, your best option is to check out the measurement of the opening where you will be installing the window and then try to look for manufacturers who may have the size that you need.

In other cases, you will have to have your window custom-sized for a good fit.

Available Window Sizes

Basically, what you will find are standard window types. These are double hung windows, single sliders, and picture windows. The following are some of the window sizes that you will usually find in hardware stores, construction suppliers and other home building stores.

Double Hung Windows

A few manufacturers have this window type in sizes starting at 23 and one-half inches wide up to 47 and one-half inches in width; and 36 inches in length up to 72 inches long.

For the widths, in-between sizes are at 4-inch increments while the lengths do not have a fixed in-between increment size. Lengths following 36 inches are 44 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches, 54 inches, 60 inches, 62 inches and 72 inches.

Single Slider Windows

For this window type, you may find manufacturers that have this in the following sizes: 35 and one-half inches in width up to 83 and one-half inches; and lengths of 23 and one-half inches up to 59 and one-half inches.

Widths that come after 35 and one-half inches are 47 and one-half, 59 and one-half, 71 and one-half and 83 and one-half inches. For the lengths, after 23 and one-half inches, you have 35 and one-half, 47 and one-half and 59 and one-half inches.

Single sliders by the way are windows that you would normally find in bathrooms as well as porches.

Picture Windows

These windows commonly have more sizes that you can use from. These start at 23 and one-half inches wide up to 71 and one-half inches; while lengths start at 11 and one-half inches and may go up to 95 and one-half inches.

Widths that come after 23 and one-half inches are 35 and one-half inches, 47 and one-half inches, 59 and one-half inches and 71 and one-half inches.

Lengths meanwhile have more sizes. After 11 and one-half inches, there’s the 17 and one-half inch length, and then 23 and one-half, 35 and one-half, 47 and one-half, 51 and one-half, 53 and one-half, 59 and one-half, 61 and one-half, 71 and one-half; and finally, 95 and one-half inches.

As mentioned earlier, sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer so it’s best to have your window measurements on hand when shopping for new windows. This will enable you to compare your measurements to those from manufacturers’ standard sizes.

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