Pint Conversion

Converting from one unit of measure to another has become a bit of a part of everyone's life. This is especially true if one has to deal with the work in the kitchen preparing food for the family or even just doing groceries. Sometimes you have to figure out how to do pint conversion just to figure out how much of a certain item to use on a recipe or purchase from the store.

Understanding Pint

Before you can convert a pint into any other unit of measure you must have at least an idea just how much of certain commodity a pint can contain. Pints are part of the English unit of measure. It measures the volume of different substances. It is comparable to the milliliter utilized in the metric system.

That being said, one should also consider the fact that there are also different kinds of pints. First off, there are United States customary unit pints and imperial system pints. These two systems of measurement are a bit different. A pint in the imperial units will amount to 20 fluid ounces.

On the other hand, a pint in the US customary units will only be equivalent to 16 ounces. As you can see, a pint of ice cream in the UK is about 20% larger than a pint of ice cream in the US. Other than the fact that we need to do pint conversions to metric, we also have to figure out if we are dealing with imperial units or US customary units.

Doing Pint Conversions

Converting pints into other units of measurement becomes a lot more meaningful when working in the kitchen. Food and other materials are often packaged differently. At times they are really different from what is indicated in the recipe book you are reading. We'll go over a few pint conversions to help out the heroes toiling with the ovens. Some of the useful tools that will come in handy will include a calculator, a pen and paper, and a conversion chart that you can download from the Internet.

The next step after you have these tools ready is to determine just how many pints you need to convert. After that you will need to determine the conversion factors for each unit of measure you want to convert pints into. This is where the pint conversion chart will come in handy. Then finally you can do the math on paper or just use a calculator.

For instance, you want to know how many gallons does four pints make then you will divide four pints by eight, since one gallon is equivalent to eight pints. Dividing four by eight will yield 1/2 gallon.

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