Largest Cat

The world’s largest cat was Himmy of Cairns, Queensland. Before the cat died at the age of 10, it weighed 21.3kg (46.8 lbs).

Other Contenders

Snowbie of Aberdeenshire, Scotland is reputed to weigh 45 lbs (not 45 kg as is sometimes reported). This would make Snowbie the second heaviest cat of all time. Another heavy cat is Kay of Russia who weighs 20 kg (44 lbs).

However, it is now difficult to determine the weight of these animals. The Guinness Book of Records has removed this category so cats will not be overfed.

The Tallest Cat and Biggest Cat Breed

Magic is not the world’s largest cat, but she is the tallest. The Guinness Book of Records states she is 17.1 inches tall. The biggest domesticated breed is the Savannah, which can weigh 20 lbs on the average. However, some Main Coon types (like the ginger cat) may weigh up to 25 lbs.

Heaviest Wild Cat

The biggest of the wild / big cats is the tiger. Males can weigh up to 675 lbs. The heaviest tiger on record is Amur, who registered a weight of 1025 lbs).

Cats Size Comparison

These figures are based on the averages.

Number one is the tiger with a minimum / maximum weight of 75 / 320 lbs. Their natural habitat is Asia. Next is the lion which weighs between 90 to 216 lbs. These are found in Africa.

Jaguars are ranked third with weights ranging from 31 to 121 lbs. They are found in South America. The puma weighs between 25 to 80 lbs. Most of them are located in the Americas.

Leopards are the fifth biggest. On the average they weigh 29 to 70 lbs. These cats are found in Asia. The cheetah weighs 21 to 65 lbs. They are found in Africa. The Asian snow leopard weighs 22 to 50 lbs. The European Eurasian Lynx generally weigh between 12 to 38 lbs.

The other big cats are the caracal (6 to 20 lbs; Africa), bobcat (4 to 18 lbs; North America) and the Canadian Lynx (5 to 12 lbs; Canada). The Asiatic Golden cat weighs from 8 to 16 lbs, while the Iberian Lynx weighs 7 to 16 lbs. This breed is found in Europe.

If all cats are considered, the world’s largest cat is actually the tiger. But with the domestic types, it is still Himmy of Australia. But as stated comparing domesticated ct sizes can be difficult.

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