Hummer Dimensions

From the time it became available during the early 2000s, theHummer Hummer has remained popular among vehicle collectors and off road enthusiasts. The specifications below include the physical dimensions and other technical information.

Dimensions of the Hummer H1

The wheelbase is 130 in (3302 mm) and the width is 86.5 in (or 2197 mm). The height is 79 in (2007 mm) and the length is 184.5 in (equivalent to 4686 mm). The fuel capacity is 26 US gallons, or about 98 L. The H1 came in three models: the Wagon body, the 4D hard top and the soft top convertible. A few four-door slantback and 2 door versions were released.

The engines for the Hummer H1 include 6.2 L GM Diesel V8/GM TH400/3L80 3-speed, the 5.7 L Vortec 5700 gasoline V8 TBI/GM 4L80-E 4-speed and the 6.5 L GM Diesel V8/GM 4L80-E 4-speed.

Dimensions of the Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 came in two types, the SUV and SUT (Sport Utility Truck). The wheelbase of the SUV is 122.8 in (3119 mm). Its length is 203.5 in (5169 mm) and the height is 79.2 in (2012 mm). The wheelbase of the SUT is also 122.8 mm. the length is 203.5 in (5169 mm). Its height and width is the same as the SUV version.

The curb weight is 6614 lbs (equal to 3000 kg). The engine of the 2003-07 model is the 6.0L 325 hp (242 kW) V8. For the 2008 model, it is the 6.2L 393 hp (293 kW) V8.

Dimensions of the Hummer H3

The wheelbase is 111.9 in (or 2842 mm). The length is 186.7 in (equal to 4742 mm) and it is 74.7 in (1897 mm) wide. The 2006-07 models are 73.7 in (1872 mm) high. For the 2008 model, it is 73.2 in (1,859 mm). The curb weight of the Hummer H3 is 4700–4900 pounds (2100 or 2200 kg). The fuel capacity is 23 US gallons. That is equal to 19 imp gallons or 87 L.

The Hummer H3 is the first of the Hummers to be made by GM (General Motors). It is also the least massive of all the Hummer models.

Dimensions of the Hummer HX

The Hummer HX has a wheelbase measuring 2616 mm (or 103.0 in). The height is 1829 mm (72.0 in). The HX is 2057 mm (81.0 in) wide. The overall length is 4343 mm (171.0 in). The engine is the 2.4L or I4 3.6L V6. The transmission is 6 speed automatic. The bore / stroke measures 3.70 x 3.37” or 94 x 85.6 mm.

The block material is sand cast aluminum and the cylinder head is cast aluminum. The HX fuel type can be E85 ethanol or unleaded regular. The minimum ground clearance is 13” (320 mm). The rotor diameter measures 15 x 1.25” (381 x 31.75 mm). The water fording is 24 / 610 (5 mph).

The look and dimensions of the Hummer became well known during the Gulf War. Since that time, it has retained a solid following in many parts of the world.

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