How Big is Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland is a popular theme park worldwide. With its many branches spread throughout the globe, it is no wonder that you hear about the excitement of being in Disneyland wherever you may be.

Location and Features

Disneyland Paris is located in the eastern suburbs of Marne-la-Valle town. It is about 32 kilometers from downtown Paris. It has two theme parks, seven resort hotels, six associated hotels, retail shops, entertainment centers, and dining districts.

Disneyland Paris was the second theme park from Disney outside of United States, after the one in Tokyo, Japan. As such, it was created based on the original formula that built the one in California, Florida, and Japan. It is Europe’s most visited attraction to date. It went by two names, previously, Euro Disneyland and Disneyland Resort Paris, before the management decided that Disneyland Paris is most apt.

The major allure of this huge property is of course, the theme parks: the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park. The Disney Village, meanwhile, containing rows after rows of restaurants, bars, and retail shops, is also a hit. There’s also Golf Disneyland to draw thousands and thousands of hole-players from all over Europe and the world. The Disneyland Hotel, which is a complex of luxurious resort hotels, is also something that people love going to.

How Big is Disneyland Paris

With all the features and amenities, it is not surprising how big is Disneyland Paris. When the contract for the construction of this Magic Kingdom type of theme park was signed, it was projected in a 4,940-acre site. When it was finished, all the amenities and features including the hotel complex stood tall and covered 4,800 acres of land area. It is huge. Yes, definitely.

The Best Time to Visit

Disneyland Paris is popular throughout the year. Its number of visitors has exceeded those that go to see the Eiffel Tower. As such, it was named as the number one tourist attraction in the Paris region.

Since it is that popular, you have to expect waiting time in most attractions if you come to visit during the peak season. However, you have to time your exploration with a good weather if you decide to come during the lean season. You also have to expect limited entertainment show, parade, and fireworks display. It is advisable to time your visit on a weekday in June, where you can easily find a good deal on your accommodation and other fees. Waiting time is not too common during this time and if ever, it would only be on the most popular rides.

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