How Big is a Jalapeno Pepper Plant?

Jalapeno pepper plant sizes range from 24 to 48 inches high. The average height is about 36 inches. If you are going to plant some, make sure the distance between each one is 18 to 24 inches.


The jalapeno is a hot pepper variant known as Capsicum annuum. These are used in many cuisines worldwide, especially in South America. Like other peppers, these are used to add spiciness to food. They are available in many stores.

For those who don’t want it too hot, lighter variants are available. These peppers come in different sizes, but the most flavorful are the 3 inch (7 cm) size.

Peppers as Food

These peppers and their ilk have been used as food for thousands of years. Historical evidence shows the earliest cultivators were the South and Central Americans. European explorers would bring different jalapeno pepper plant sizes and types back to the continent. They would eventually gain widespread popularity.

Plant Characteristics

These plants are noted for their bright green color and vine-like appearance. Whatever the size may be, these are best cultivated on wire frameworks. Full sun is recommended. If the climate is warm, the plants can bear fruit after 45 days assuming it is watered properly.

This pepper belongs to the Capsicum genus. Like other peppers, it contains capsaicin which gives it that spicy taste. This compound is colorless. The capsaicin structure is crystalline.

The feeling of warmth is produced because it can irritate the skin. The compound is focused mainly in the plant’s veins and seeds. If you don’t want the dish to be too hot, it can be removed. Otherwise, leave it in.

Other Uses

As stated, there are used for flavoring traditional cuisines. But jalapeno can also be combined with lemon to give it a unique flavor. Some desserts combine the pepper with chocolate. More traditional meals make use of it when preparing salsas, enchiladas, guacamole and other Mexican dishes.

Other Information

If you are going to use it for cooking, gloves should be worn to avoid skin irritation. This is especially important if you have a wound. Watering the plants is necessary, but take care not to drench it.

Whatever jalapeno pepper plant sizes you cultivate, dry lines may appear. This is normal. It no way does this suggest the plant is sick. These begin with a dark green color and then ripe. The typical length of the peppers is 2 to 3 inches.

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