Ferry Sizes

The size of ferry boats varies and new models are Ferry Sizesalmost always coming out. The following are some of the largest ferries traversing the waters of the world today.

Dimensions of the Color Magic

The Color Magic ferry is 223.70 meters long with a beam of 35 meters and a draught of 6.8 meters. The gross tonnage is 75,156. Its speed is 22 knots. The Color Magic has a capacity of 2,700. It is fitted with 550 cars and 1,016 cabins. It was built by the Aker Finnyards in Finland.

Dimensions of the Color Fantasy

The Color Fantasy is 223.7 m long with a gross tonnage of 74,027. The size of the ferry Color Fantasy gives it a beam of 35 m and a depth of 6.8 m. The power is derived from Wärtsilä 6L26 (diesel).

Its speed is 22 knots and has a maximum passenger capacity of 2,750. There are 2,799 passenger beds and 968 cabins. The car capacity is 750. The crew numbers 250.

The Color Fantasy is the sister ship of the Color Magic and also made by Aker Finnyards.

Dimensions of the Pride of Rotterdam

The ferry’s length is 215.44 m. The weight is 59,925 (GT) with a passenger capacity of 1,360. The beam measures 31.88 m (104 ft 6 in) while the draught is 6.05 m (19 ft). There are a dozen decks with four Wärtsilä 9L46C engines (37,800 kW, 50,700 hp).

Despite the size of ferry Pride of Rotterdam, the ship can travel at 22 knots (or 41 km/h, 25 mph). There are 530 cabins on the ferry. It includes several suites (5 family, 9 deluxe).

The ferry was built at Fincantieri Marghera in Italy. The ferry also has cinemas and an arcade. The other decks have wine bars, business centers and restaurants.

Dimensions of the Pride of Hull

The Pride of Hull is 215.44 m long with a GT (gross ton) of 59,925. The passenger capacity is 1,360, the same as the Pride of Rotterdam. The beam is 31.88 m (104 ft 7 in) and the draught is 6.5 m (19 ft). The size of ferry Pride of Hull means it has enough room for 530 cabins and 250 vehicles. The speed is 22 knots (25 mph or 41 km/h).

Dimensions of the Silja Europa

The Silja Europa measures 201.78 m. The gross tons are 59,912. The beam is 32.5 m (106 ft 8 in) and has a draught of 6.8 m (22 ft 4 in). The passenger capacity is 3,013. The Silja Europa comes with 3,644 passenger beds and room for 400 vehicles.

Dimensions of the Silja Symphony

Its length is 203.03 m (58,377 gross tons). The passenger capacity is 2,850. The beam is 31.5 m (104 ft 4 in) and the speed is 23 knots (43 km/h). There are 985 cabins with 950 lane meters.

The ever increasing size of ferry boats is an indication of their growing popularity. More and more people are turning to them, not just for convenience, but also for their luxurious features.

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