Biggest Wedding Rings

The biggest wedding rings were to be found near the Loch of Stennis in Britain. There stood a couple of stone circles. One was dedicated to the sun and the other to the moon. Both stone circles were several feet in diameter and used in ancient weddings. 
The Odin Stone 
These “rings’ obviously, were not worn on the finger. The bride would walk around the moon stones and the groom would do the same with the sun stone. The couple would join up in the Odin Stone and hold hands in the hole. The stones were built over 5,000 years ago. During the late 1800s though, the stones were crushed by Captain Mackay, who didn’t like people coming to visit his property. 
Modern Rings 
The contemporary rings are very different. They are worn on the fingers by the bride and groom. In some countries, only the bride wears one. The sizes of the rings today are determined by the carat. The more carats it has, the heavier and larger it will be. The ring is worn on the finger next to the pinky.
In modern times, the rings represent the union of the couple. Unlike the biggest wedding rings, association with the sun, moon and other gods have disappeared. 
Composition and Design 
Majority of these rings are constructed from precious metal. In terms of popularity, the simple gold band is right up there. Most of the time, the man’s ring is wider. There are many styles to choose from. But most couples prefer to wear rings that match. 
Different materials can be used to make the bands. Popular choices include stainless steel, platinum and gold. Cheap metals are prone to tarnishing and should be avoided. If you prefer the sturdy type, the ideal choices would be tungsten or titanium. 
Other Band Designs 
Other bands have Celtic symbols, braids and intricate patterns. One of the most popular designs is the Claddagh. This is made up of a heart grasped by a couple of hands. The design also incorporates a crown. Its popularity is mainly due to its symbolism. It can indicate love, friendship and loyalty. The patterns are also available in different styles. 
There is an aspect in the biggest wedding rings that still survives today. That is, the association with stones. Today’s rings are almost always adorned with precious stones. The most popular choices are diamonds, rubies and gold. 

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