How Big is an Extra Large Egg?

Extra large egg sizes are not standardized. In the US, the extra large or very large (XL) is 2.25 oz. or 64 g. The cooking yield is 56 mL (4 tbsp). Extra large is the second biggest after jumbo.

Egg Specifications in Other Countries

In New Zealand, there is no extra large. Their biggest is size 8 (jumbo) at 68 g minimum mass per egg. Size 7 is the large type. It is 62 g. In Australia, the very large is 60 g.

In Western Australia, the Mega or XXXL is 72 g. In Europe, the very large is 73 g and over. There is no jumbo size there. The Canadian extra large is 63-69 g.

As these facts show, not all countries use the extra large egg sizes. Some use the term very large instead. The grams also vary. Because there is no jumbo size in Europe, the very large type is more comparable to the US jumbo.

Egg Colors

Not only are the egg dimensions varied, but so are their colors. Some are snow white, while others come in different shades of brown. The difference in color is due to the pigments that are set in the eggs as they go in the oviduct of the hen. The chicken’s genetics determine what the pigment depositions are going to be. That is why some are white and others brown.

While colors and size varies, the flavor is very similar between chickens and other birds. However, the chicken’s diet does affect the flavor. The colors do not vary as much as the egg dimensions though.

The most common are white and various shades of brown. A chicken developed in Chile called Aracuana however, produces blue and green eggs. Cross breeding the chicken with other species can produce multicolored eggs.


Size and color do not influence the amount of time you can keep the egg. The eggs you buy in stores can last for 3 to 5 weeks if kept in the refrigerator at 40 F. This is presuming the eggs have no cracks and have not been washed. Egg cartons sold in the US have an expiry date printed. Note that hard boiled eggs have a shorter lifespan than fresh ones.

Since there are different extra large egg sizes, it pays to be aware of these figures. For cooks, this is very important as too much or too little eggs can affect the final product.

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