Fishing Vessel Sizes

Fishing vessels have existed since ancient Egypt, but today they are more varied and numerous than ever before. There are over 4 million of them each with their own set of specs and functions.

Fishing Vessel Dimensions: Mahasagar 52’ Outrigger Trawler

The length is 52 ft and the beam is 17 ft. The displacement is 34 m tons (empty) and 58 tons fully loaded. The fuel oil capacity is 12 KL and the freshwater capacity is 5 KL. The fish hold is 25 cu m. The trawler is foam insulated with FRP lining.

The winch is triple drum mechanical/hydraulic. It has room for eight crew members. The electronics onboard include VHF radio-telephone, an echo sounder and GPS. The engine is 175-250hp marine diesel. It is constructed of wildjack wood and brass. The cabin is made of plywood set on wood faming.

Fishing Vessel Dimensions: Mahasagar 41′ Stern Trawler

The length is 12.50 m and the beam is 4.20 m with a draft of 2.0 m. The fuel capacity is 5 KL and the freshwater capacity is 3 KL. The fish hold is 10 cubic m and has 100-120 bhp propulsion. The trawler is made of wildjack wood with copper and stainless steel parts. The running speed is 7-9 knots.

It has rigid foam insulation and FRP lined. The crew complement is half a dozen and catch preservation endurance is 15 days. The hull bottom has aluminum sheathing with a twin drum winch.

Fishing Vessel Dimensions: ASI Australian Built Fishing Trawler

The length is 24.95 meters and the breadth is 7.44 meters. The draft is 4 meters and the primary engine is 3412 Caterpillar USA: 500 HP. The fuel capacity is 64 KL and the fish hold is up to 110 cu m. The fish hold temperature is -35 D. An outrigger stentrawl, it has two 50 kW generators.

The vessel can reach speeds of up to 11 knots and has a freshwater capacity of up to 20 MT. It can accommodate up to 15 crew members. The ASI Australian trawler has a fuel consumption of up to 2.1 KL every day.

Fishing Vessel Dimensions: Bob Cherry Fishing Trawler

The length is 18.5 meters and the draft is 2.7 meters. The beam is 6.34 meters. Both the deck and hull are made of steel. The engine is a Cat 3408 T.A. 400hp (diesel) and the speed is 9 knots. The fuel capacity is 27500 L. with one cabin. It has a galley with a table and a stove. The freezer uses a 240v water system.

The freezer measures 10 m x 3 m x 5 m (3,000 kg brine tanks). Other gallery tools and utilities include pots, pans, cutlery and plates. Other electrical equipment included are a 415v electric prawn cooker, four air conditioners and a 415 v try winch.

The fishing vessel dimensions are based on both its function and what is requested of the manufacturer. In some large scale operations, it is not unusual to see 100 ton fishing vessels being used.

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